King Winter Means Business

Winter is winter, especially when you live in Canada… and this season we are having a lot of it!  King Winter (photo below) is getting right into the spirit of things.  We should have an APB out on him, he’s on the loose… and getting a little out of control.  A foot of snow a day is a lot.  Believe me, it’s a lot, I spent 3 hours digging myself out yesterday and am in for another round today.  Sure I’m tempted to stay home, but it’s my day to get kids to the arena for hockey.  Hockey… maybe we should rethink what season we do that in!!   I am all for hiding out in my deluxe snow cave (aka home), whipping up hot chocolate, sewing little toys and contemplating every unique snowflake…

King Winter Means Business

The sidewalk just started going missing...

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5 Responses to King Winter Means Business

  1. kat says:


  2. Ahh, I *love* winter! Skiing, sledding, snow, such fun!!!

  3. PurePixie says:

    It may sound funny, but after spending the last 10 years in the San Francisco area, I miss cold winters and snow. Ok, may be not as much as you have. LOL
    Really cute doll!

  4. Eve Geisler says:

    Mrs. Thaw will come soon to spoil your winter. She is a resident on the west coast.I had a lovely King winter doll for years when I ran a daycare, but the cat would attack him at least once a year, pulling his hair and beard off and pock marking his face.
    We are waiting for our first major snow storm in Guelph. They’re always good for some excitement!

  5. I live in NC which is supposed to be the warm and sunny South…but even here we had snow and on top of that a nasty coating of slick ice. Bleech! I’m ready for King Winter to be deposed. (But I have to say I love the doll!)

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