Autumn Starfish: Felt Inspiration

Inspired after posting my starfish photo I just had to make some Autumn Starfish out of orangey Wool Felt.  And here they are!

Wool Felt Starfish

   Free Pattern Starfish Template so YOU can make some too!

Starfish Pattern Template

To make some wool felt starfish cut out 2 of the above free pattern without a seam allowance (I have posted the pattern full size so just print as-is).  Blanket stitch around and fill with a small handful of wool stuffing. 
I have made my starfish with matching felt in orangey autumn tones, but of course starfish come in many other colours.  They could be embellished too… fancy stitches, sequins, whatever you can dream up.  I have left my starfish simple. 
Here is another view of them:

Autumn Starfish

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7 Responses to Autumn Starfish: Felt Inspiration

  1. Ceashley says:

    They are perfect. My family will love them. Thanks

  2. Miss_Kendra says:

    I’m going to make these as cat toys to go with the little fish for my rescue kittens <3

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  4. SarahJ7777 says:

    Loving these. I collected a pile of driftwood the other day & these might just be the perfect thing to go with. 🙂

  5. Michelle B. says:

    Love these! I just redid my bathroom with a beachy theme, and these will be perfect for it!

  6. B.Chen says:

    LOVE these!!!! Thank you so much for posting. I make a lot of yarn wreaths and I was just asked to make a beach-themed wreath–these will be perfect accompaniments!

  7. These are irresistible. The color makes them really special. A few years ago I made some stuffed starfish from a teal “sailcloth” cotton for a Christmas wreath that also had seashells and teal glass ornaments. I added beads around the starfish edges. They were more work and they didn’t look this adorable. Next time, I’ll go the felt route. Nice going!

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