Craft Spaced?

Each week I wanted to do ‘taming of the craft stuff’ post, after being inspired by the Linky box way of connecting to others.  I am still waiting to hear how I can stop spam from being entered in my Linky box… so today I am going to do my 15 mins of craft de-clutter, but give myself a break from the embarassing photo of it!  Instead here is a pic of a doll I made for a giveaway that is coming up, details to follow when they are made public info!!!

Spring-theme dollhouse doll

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3 Responses to Craft Spaced?

  1. admin says:

    PS Can’t wait to see what you do!!

  2. admin says:

    Of course! I am going to make more dollhouse dolls plus~ hopefully~ a new spring-themed tutorial; read: flowers!

  3. Heidi says:

    Oh Natalie- she is sooo sweet- might have to do a take off on this idea!

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