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Running at the back of the marathon…

That is the ‘get stuff done’ marathon!  I still need to make the PDF for the heart garland, so haven’t been showing my latest dolls or blabbing about anything like the possibility of moving soon… so many things and then … Continue reading

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A little more spring…

Just been catching up and making a few dolls here and there~ here’s a few pics from my yard and around town plus a dollhouse doll family to show:

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Hello Spring and Happy Easter

Happy Spring & Easter!!  It’s been a long while since I had a moment to post~ I was away on a trip in Europe with my family for many weeks.  I’m still unpacking and catching up, but thought I would … Continue reading

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More wool felt deer…

Lately I’ve been into making these wool felt deer from the deer pattern I sell because they are just too cute!!  I’m trying out some new colours too, and today they escaped and explored the garden a little…

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Spring is coming… I know it, I just saw a Flower Fairy!

That’s right, the flower fairies are starting to pop out… look who has arrived and is in my Etsy shop Woolhalla!! {PS Some have found new homes already} Now, with the arrival of spring flowers the little free flower mowers like … Continue reading

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Craft Spaced?

Each week I wanted to do ‘taming of the craft stuff’ post, after being inspired by the Linky box way of connecting to others.  I am still waiting to hear how I can stop spam from being entered in my … Continue reading

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Spring Yard

Every spring we let the yard go wild in the back, especially around the playhouse, where a patch of poppies grow.  They are so airy and blow and bend with the spring winds.  And the colour!!  It is amazing…  I can feel a … Continue reading

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Season Table for Spring

The SPRING SEASON TABLE (aka Nature Table) is a joy to create and keep in your home.  Here are some photos of the process of what I do to get you started.  Above is the beginning of my spring table, which I will add and … Continue reading

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