Dolls Snapshot

Quick snap on side of my sewing bag

A big box of cute cotton fabrics arrived and I can’t make dolls fast enough!  Some dolls are awaiting final touches, but these are ready to roll, so I thought I would make a quick snapshot to share today.  I’ll be listing them on my etsy page within a few days.  BTW, I LOVE my sewing bag, a tote bag made by Vivid Allon, it has lots of great pockets and can hold a treasure trove of crafting supplies and is easy to transport when needed.

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2 Responses to Dolls Snapshot

  1. admin says:

    There’s a wood post on the top of the body, which would normally would have a bead. When I make the fabric head I make it with a post in it, remove the post and put it on the doll body (with a little glue on the doll body post). Then the fabric hanging down I attach under the arms of the doll body. Hope this makes sense!!

  2. trudi says:

    Just a quick question – how do you attached the formed head to the wooden/wire dolls? Thanks 🙂

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