How it goes… felt unicorns, hospitals, oh my!

So excited to have finished a pink felt unicorn!  Had to delay the shipping due to my oldest son breaking both his arms though… one is not too bad and will not have a cast (I LIKE this surgeon!!) and the other had to be operated on but no hardware luckily.  He botched a move at the sk8 park on his BMX.  He’s totally into Mtn. Biking, but dirt bounces better than cement 😮

Here is a photo of the pink felt unicorn followed by a pic of my son who is recovering at home.  I loved making this unicorn… and hope to make some more asap!!  It’s a slightly altered pattern from my felt horse pattern, plus a silk horn.  

Looking a tad scruffy post-surgery!

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2 Responses to How it goes… felt unicorns, hospitals, oh my!

  1. admin says:

    The horn was made with silk, hand-sewn and then stuffed with wool and some metallic thread wrapped around. Hope you have fun making yours for your dd!

  2. Cecile_planes says:

    I’m making one for my daughter for Christmas ! How did you do the horn ? Mine will have a rainbow mane and tail… thank you again for your great patterns.

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