Deer Gardens

No, no, not Beer Gardens, lol!  My life can be pretty crazy hectic (hence my lack of regular posts!)… and while I used to aspire to the phrase ‘gardener‘ I eventually had to let it go.  Let’s face it, it’s just not right to put myself up there with people who plan their gardens, tend, water & weed them, do all that gardener-speak when bumping into another fellow gardener, harvest them, and so on.  I am more like the following:

deer in my backyard

I go out in my garden and say “hey, lookie there… there’s some greens still growing”.  The deer that keeps coming back hoping to nibble my freshly planted lettuce and broccoli starters is probably thinking the same thing.  Technically the deer is Evil Enemy #1 in my town among gardeners… but when I look out the window and see a deer eating their way through my yard somehow I can set aside the feeling of ownership of the land and share some of the bounty.  There is bounty and lots of it I am happy to say… and I’ll try not to be upset if the deer eat my broccoli babies I promise 😮

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