It’s a New Year…

     Welcome to 2011, already!!   It’s usually so ridiculously busy between autumn and Christmas with orders and custom doll making that I don’t have much zen time for contemplating business thingies.  Any zen time I have is savoured for revitalising myself… perhaps a trip to our local hot springs, reading, watching a film, or a much needed power-nap.  After Christmas I usually have some quieter days and I can allow my mind to mull over the previous year and consider the next one. 
    The year in 2010 started with me having one of the busiest months ever.  What?  In January?  Yes, in January.  It’s because making toys and crafts for yourself and your loved ones is not only a ton of fun, but in January you have more time!!

Atelier Pippilotta’s Easter Egg Kit

     Sometimes it’s to get ahead on Easter and you want to make something cute like this Easter Egg kit pictured on the right from Atelier Pippilotta available from my supply shop Bear Dance Crafts.   Click here to go to the Atelier Pippilotta Spring Kits section.
     Other times it’s to pick up some more supplies so you can make another doll (or even your first!!), wool felt project or needlefelted creation; supplies at Bear Dance Crafts.  If you’re fabulous plan to make a special something for a present didn’t pan out, now is a great time to pick it up what you started again and keep going…

     If you’re like me, you’re actually thinking about next Christmas, because not all the Christmassy projects were actually finished!!  Some things are not specific to the holidays.  But, some might be.  Should I finish that sheep wreath made with a ring of cute sheep, but toss in a little spring theme and make it a spring door decoration???  Really, be honest with me!!

     So… I have been finding a few more zen moments to think about where I’d like to go with the new year ahead.  I’ll be making more dolls and doll-house dolls for sure!!  I’m also planning to do some more kit translations and some more of my own patterns.  What I am really excited about is creating a section on my blog for free patterns/instructions.  Inititally I was drawn to making toys for my children because I loved the natural toys, but couldn’t afford them.  Now making dolls and toys is a way to do what I love and feed my three growing children.  For years I have wanted a place to share some of my patterns to encourage others to make playthings for their loved ones.  That’s right, I am going to get that wave pattern done soon and you’ll be able to find it here for free (sorry about the wait!!).  There are a couple of free patterns available just under the blog banner if you’re looking for them.

     The year 2010 was filled with so many personal awesome moments, so I will share just a few with you before I sign off today (in no particular order); making custom dollhouse dolls (lots of fun!), buying a pair of new rollerskates (okay, these led to an accident that deepened my appreciation for a fully functional knee~ but they are still awesome!) so I could go to roller derby practices, swimming in the ocean, campfires, sledding, skiing, some road trips, jumping on my trampoline (haven’t been able to for a bit, see rollerskating above!), knitting with friends,  joining hands to bless food in an enormous group, cuddling with my cat, taking my dogs to the beach, spending quality time with my kids & dh. 

To all my new and not-as-new friends and family, may you have a wonderful year with many blessings!!

May Your Travels Be Good

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