It’s just like Willy Wonka’s Factory…

That’s what it feels like… no mail coming in, no mail going out! 

It has a certain similarity, right?

You might think I am a little worried… after all I run a MAIL ORDER BUSINESS!!  I mail out hundreds of packages each year, and while it is sad that I have orders that I couldn’t send anywhere today (mail box sealed shut), and orders that will be lonely and cold waiting to be delivered, I have to say I am pretty stoked to get a little time to the following.  1) Tidy my workroom; it has a certain wizard-of-oz kindof tornado look to it.  2) Make stuff; like dolls that have not been finished, and more! 3) Translate some kits 4) Repeat 1-3!

But when the ole Canada Post truck is back to work I will be happy too, because I depend on them to mail my wool felt out for only $2.40 a package… no courier does that!

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