Little Bunny Pin

Little Bunny Pin!  Here is a tutorial to make your own little bunny pin.  It looks great on a hat or jacket, or even on a spring bulb plant in the house (as you may notice below…).  This one was made with a face drawn on, but if the thought of embroidering on the face doesn’t frighten you then go-for-it, and maybe even add whiskers!

Bunny Pin in the plant

To make the Bunny Pink you will need a small piece of wool felt (8 x 8 cm/ 3-1/4 x 3-1/4 inches) in whatever colour you would like your bunny, plus matching thread, pinback, bit of wool to stuff, and a marker for the face (unless you are embroidering).  Please remember that the pinbacks are sharp, do not attach to bunnies for young children!


Print out the template below (right click your mouse on the image to print):

Bunny Pin Template

Cut out two matching felt bunnies:

Cut out 2 bunnies

Sew a pinback on one piece.  Draw the face on the other piece, as shown below, or embroider it on:

Pinback and face

Put your two pieces together; pinback on the back and face on the front.  Sew around the two pieces and stuff little bits of wool stuffing into the bunny as you go:

Sew all around and stuff

Your little bunny pin is now ready to wear (or decorate your plants!). 
Happy sewing!!

All done Little Bunny Pin!

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