Bitsy the (Troll) Girl Doll

Bitsy the troll girl

Bitsy the troll girl

Bitsy is a girl much like other girls, except she happens to be a troll.  Well, she tried (very hard, I assure you) to be a good troll, but has secretly been trying to behave like a regular girl… a human girl!  You can imagine just how unhappy her mother is with her!! 

Bitsy (who used to be called Booger) spends her days making sure her dress isn’t too dirty, combing her hair (with a broken comb she found on the forest floor, but has since lost again) and peeking into the windows of houses to see what other children are doing.  Now she is singing daily, being nice to the other trolls, and also much her mother’s dismay she is also tidying up her room!  Bitsy also can be out in the sun as she has developed a tolerance for it, unlike other trolls, so you don’t have to worry about that.

As you can imagine Bitsy is a special girl.  She will be happiest if she can move to a home where there are nice children (or other humans) who can help her look after herself as she is prone to wander and lose things!  You can find out more about Bitsy in her Etsy listing:

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