Craft Spaced: Buntings Out of the Bag

Velour Bunting Babies look pretty cute~ don’t they?  Well read on… because they have a way of getting into things! 

Looks Can be Deceiving!!

Welcome to Craft Spaced!  Taming my craft stuff on Mondays here, hope you’ll join me!  If your Mondays are like mine you might not get here until Tuesday.  I’m cool with Tuesdays too.  I chose the name ‘spaced’ because my craft space is ‘disoriented’!   Your version of unorganised may be a messy thread box… or it could start looking like a contender for professional help~ it’s the craft stuff that sits there looking at you and you want to start dealing with it!  

Small steps.  I’m talking 15 minutes of bonafide effort to take care of something to do with craft stuff.  What kind of craft stuff?  ANY!!      

Please join me! Please note: due to spam I am not using the Linky Box until I find out how to avoid Linky spam, sorry!  You can put your link in the comments or post a comment about you getting your craft space cleaned up!  Or, leave a comment about mine!  It can be any craft.  Clean it up, toss it out, move it to the compost bin, sort it out… you know, get organised!  Join the weekly check-in where we can see & share & be inspired… or share a virtual kleenex.

Bunting Babies on the move!

This week:  Buntings Out of the Bag… that’s right, O-U-T!  Somehow these adorable little dolls have taken up space in my portable bag for dollhouse doll supplies, the place I keep doll bases, paint brushes, a variety of small pieces of doll knit fabric, etc.  Time for a little decluttering in my handy-dandy Vivid Allon bag.  I LOVE this bag, I’d buy more, but that would just add to my problem!

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