Dyeing for Dolls

Lately a  splash of colour to doll hair has been calling me.  With Valentine’s Day on the way I have been immersed in pinks and am feeling like making a doll with pink hair.  Yes, pink hair!  Normally I just use classic hair tones and sometimes a mix of them, but I am going pink!  This morning I dyed some pinks & purples on my stove using Ashford dyes one skein at a time; undyed wool, mohair and mohair boucle are now drying:

~ pinks and purples drying indoors~

How do I do they dyeing?  First I make skeins of yarn, if they come in balls I wind them into skeins. Then I put a pot (an enamel post just for dyeing) of water on to heat.  Ashford dyes are then measured in small amounts in a separate little jar, and added to the pot of water with some vinegar.  The yarn is washed under water in the sink and left to soak.  After 15+ minutes it is ready to go in the dye, I put it in the pot and stir with stainless steel tongs. Once it’s done, I gently remove it and rinse it well under the tap, squeeze gently to dry and hang up to finish drying.  
Here’s a skein freshly removed from the pot ready for rinsing:

~just dyed and ready for rinse~

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