Natural Toys just FEEL better!

As everyone knows, not all children are born with eyesight.  For some surgery can help restore vision, and for others it is permanent.  Stories continually amaze me, like the man I met who was legally blind since birth but rode a bicycle through downtown Toronto using his hearing and some ability to see grey blobs… I am not making that up!!

Girl with horse

I am thrilled to have just received a couple of pictures of a little girl (above) who was given one of my horses a little over a year ago.  I had sent off a couple of felt horses I had made to someone who volunteers at a therapeutic horse park to give one to a girl who rides there.

When this came up I wondered how it would be to only be able to only feel one of my 100% wool felt horses… they are soft, shaped like a horse and ‘warm’ to the touch from the felt and wool stuffing, lovingly handmade (of course!), plus they do also smell quite nice!  I then imagined the alternative, plastic with hard bits made by a machine.  It took me about a nanosecond to realise that a natural toy would would feel better all around even if you could never see it. Since that day I will often stop, close my eyes and feel what I am working on.

On the topic of blind children, I want to link a fundraiser for Max, the son of doll maker Amy, owner of Malula Dolls.  His page is Mad Max at Trolley Run 2012  . Of course you can always support Malula Dolls, which I adore of course!!  Her Facebook fan page is: .

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