Season Table for Spring

spring season table

The SPRING SEASON TABLE (aka Nature Table) is a joy to create and keep in your home.  Here are some photos of the process of what I do to get you started.  Above is the beginning of my spring table, which I will add and subtract to over the coming months.  My table is located on top of a game cupboard in my living room.  You’ll probably notice my walls are bare, that’s because I can’t decide if I want to hang a mobile over the table or put up a lovely silk cloth behind… it’s a process

START WHERE YOU ARE!  Find a place (shelf works too), maybe add just a cloth and a vase of spring flowers.  You could also add a photo, drawings, bulbs in a pot from the florist; really anything that reminds you of spring.  On my table you will see I have one of my trolls, okay he’s not very spring-like, but my daughter put ladybugs on him and I thought that was pretty cute.  This is not a ‘Martha’ project display, this is an evolving reflection of nature.  If my children make things or want to move things I am stoked to have them involved.  For your table do what you feel best.

table with cloth

1. The table with a ‘spring’ coloured cloth.

troll in the corner

2. Here’s the troll with the ladybugs (not exactly a ‘spring’ item… but he’s a season table groupie).

box of felt flowers

3. Box of felt flowers, some made by me and some by my kids.  The tulips are pictures cut out and taped on a piece of pipe-cleaner (very easy!).  The box has some ‘wood wool’, which is how the pipe-cleaner stems are being propped up. 

felt lamb with jalu toys bunny

4. Lamb is homemade, trees and bunny bought from Jalu Toys.  I love to include items I’ve bought from other artists as it adds a different flavour to say the least.

little grass doll

5. Little Grass Doll made from a kit sold on (pattern in Mother Earth booklet too).

needlefelted doll with felt flower

6. Doll made with wool (by needlefelting) holding a felt flower.  These are easy to make and kids love to play with them. 

As with any project keep in mind SAFETY, young children could swallow and/or choke on small items or wool.  ALWAYS supervise young children and those that still mouth items for safety!

Wishing you a wonderful adventure with your season table!

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