“Yarn Along”

Last week I heard about “Yarn Along”, on the blog Small Things.  This just what I needed!!  I’m not a mega-knitter, but have been fairly steady for over 10 years.  I do have a mega-yarn-stash though~ and always looking for ways to get & stay inspired and use up some yarn (that way I’ll have more room to stash new yarn!).  Here is my current project:

Yarn Along Beginnings

Kitty hat pattern… perfect with or without ears!  Knitting a hat for my dd in light blue mohair.  The book I am reading is “Sister Pelagia and the Red Cockrell”, which is a whodunnit by Boris Akunin about a adventurus nun who is a first-class sleuth.  After I made my photo I made a progress picture as I actually did get my knitting underway:
Moving Along with Yarn…

Moving Along

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