We are Family!! Dollhouse dolls represent!

One thing I love about making dollhouse dolls (and dolls too) is the freedom to create dolls that represent our real world…

Four skin tones, one family.  Aren’t they cute?!?

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Hurricane Sandy Benefit Auction at DFH until Sunday Nov. 11th (ends 8pm EST)

Dragonsfly’s Hollow is hosting a benefit auction for Hurricane Sandy, 100% proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.  There are many GORGEOUS DOLLS and other items in the auction.  Head on over if you have a moment, it’s for a good cause!!
Woolhalla has donated a few babies too!  http://hyenacart.com/Dragonflyshollow/mt/2907/32824/Bunting-Babies-and-Flannel-Baby-Trio-by-Woolhalla

Buntings & Flannel Dolls in Auction

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Christmas Ideas 2012 Magazine: Fawn Pattern!

This season cozy up with the 2012 edition of Better Homes and Gardens’ Christmas Ideas publication.  The fawn pattern that I license from Poppedijn from the Deer Family Pattern is in it!  Plus lots more craft ideas and patterns…

Christmas Ideas 2012 Magazine
It’s written up a little differently than the original (I use wool stuffing for instance), but the pattern is all there to make some wee little deer for your Winter/Christmas/seasonal table and home decorations!  I sell the whole pattern (and kit) on my Bear Dance Crafts website, plus the pattern in my BDC Etsy shop (it’s only available in areas I have the license for).

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Soulemama Giveaway featuring Natural Kids Team

Win all this great stuff!

Don’t miss the spectacular giveaway this Saturday & Sunday  Oct. 27 & 28, on Soulemama: http://www.soulemama.com/ featuring over $1000 in giveaway goodies from the Natural Kids Team.  Woolhalla is part of the Natural Kids Team on Etsy and has included a cute dollhouse doll fairy as part of the prize package.  Be sure to enter to win this weekend!!

Update from Mon. Oct 29: 2352 comments left!  Congrats to whoever won… we will hear from Soulemama later this week and I will send out my prize to the winner :o)

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Hobbit Doll from doll swap

Adorable hobbit doll made for me in a doll swap… just had to share a photo of the cute little hobbit that came to live with me:

Hobbit doll!

Ain’t he the cutest?  Much thanks to my doll swap partner for making such a wonderful surprise.

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Auction at Bamboletta Dolls!

Bamboletta Dolls is having an on-line auction!  Dolls, dresses, and more to help a family.  I have donated a Fairy Rider, pink wool felt horse and dollhouse doll fairy, pictured below.
To check out the auction and bid please visit: http://hyenacart.com/stores/bamboletta/

Fairy Rider from Woolhalla


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It doesn’t look like autumn yet!

Summer is still in full swing here… a little view from by the lake.  I don’t live right on the lake, but not far… it takes about 5-10 mins to walk to the water from my door.  Sure is pretty…

I can handle more of this!


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How it goes… felt unicorns, hospitals, oh my!

So excited to have finished a pink felt unicorn!  Had to delay the shipping due to my oldest son breaking both his arms though… one is not too bad and will not have a cast (I LIKE this surgeon!!) and the other had to be operated on but no hardware luckily.  He botched a move at the sk8 park on his BMX.  He’s totally into Mtn. Biking, but dirt bounces better than cement 😮

Here is a photo of the pink felt unicorn followed by a pic of my son who is recovering at home.  I loved making this unicorn… and hope to make some more asap!!  It’s a slightly altered pattern from my felt horse pattern, plus a silk horn.  

Looking a tad scruffy post-surgery!

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2012 wins the Zany Year Award!

Moonchild doll that will be auctioned looking at Johnson's Landing slide from across the lake

It has been a zany year, hands down.  This year takes the cake in what is possibly the most challenging year ever.  My husband and I are tied for surgeries now, 2 each (mind you if you are counting back 12 months I win with 3, lol!).  Not that we were having a competition!!  It seems like everytime we would start to get back to “normal” [our version of “normal” I assure you is normally pretty much what most people call ‘chaos’] something else would happen.  It was like chaos squared.  But, even when I broke my ankle and had to hop on one leg to pack orders, I was still smiling.  Then earlier this July, the community next door has a major disaster.  The mountain gave way and buried 4 homes and 4 people in a landslide in Johnson’s Landing.  Our friend’s house was just missed, by maybe 75 feet as the slide turned and spared them (they can’t live there anymore as it’s in the danger zone).  My son lost his classmate Rachel Webber.   When Mother Nature hits with her force it has a very humbling effect… there really are no words.  Maybe just a “wow” followed by a long silent moment where there is no comprehending the magnitude and the fragility of life.

Now I am trying to get back on track again!  I have some deer, plus dollhouse dolls and other things in the works or finished.  I have photos from customers to share and all kinds of things.  It’s summer and I like to spend time with my kids too~ we are blessed to have a beach so close here on Kootenay Lake.  I hope you are enjoying the beautiful days of summer wherever you are (or make that winter if you’re down under!)…

I am planning an auction of this doll below to help a friend, but might wait until the autumn as summer is so busy and many people are out & about camping/meteor watching/beaching.  Here she is:
 I’ll let you all know when the auction is up!

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Getting back on my feet…

A couple dears, er... deers!

Just a quick photo of some deer I just finished, I love how they look with the warm wood background.  So happy to finally be making things again.  I will be posting more about what has been happening in my neck of the woods~ it has been a time of much joy and too many tears with the landslide in Johnson’s Landing being our neighbour community.
The fast update on my ankle is that I am off crutches, still healing, but happy to be able to be back to “walking”, though it’s not very graceful yet 😮


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